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  • Charles Armstrong

To Twitch or Not To Twitch?

So I am currently debating on if I want to start Live casting an older series I had started on YouTube called "Early Rise Talk & Sketch". Though in this case I would be sketching the Daily Doodles I am already currently doing.

Now if I decide to do this it would only be on Saturday mornings to start with, as that is currently the best available time for me. Now I have never done a Live art cast before and I have never really done anything on Twitch, other than watch other artist live streams. Another major reason why I am still debating this is because I am also afraid of the quality of stream I will be able to produce. I live in a very rural area with not the greatest internet connection or one readily available to me. I will defiantly make a post if I decided to move forward on this. If you have any thoughts on the matter or if you have experience with Twitch please leave a comment as I would love feedback on this topic!

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