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An Adventure Into Creating Animations: The Adventure Starts Now

So since the start of 2023 I have been doing some deep diving into the realm of artistic soul searching. The main purpose was to reveal, to myself, what specifically I desire most to achieve artistically. To truly understand my artistic self and where my passions really lie. The idea of trying to make Spare Time a business overshadowed the real reason I created Spare Time to begin with. The whole reason I even created Spare Time was to give myself an artistic escape that some how I could make a business out of. That business would then allow me to chase my artistic dreams full time. Overtime however the Idea of creating a business started to come first and my artistic passion second. This put me in a place that was no different than any other job that made me feel artistically unfulfilled and trapped.

I looked back to my childhood and the things that inspired me. I looked back to my college days, the things I wanted to achieve, and the goals I originally set out to try and accomplish. I looked at what excites me now and the things I enjoy. All roads kept leading me back to one passion, that one desire, the one thing that inspired me to chase art to begin with, and that was animation. I have always loved and have been inspired by animation. Watching a behind the scenes video of animation being created is more exciting to me than actually watching the animation itself. Even when I watch animation I can not help but think about how that artist or team accomplished bring that character or scene to life!

As I move forward in my artistic adventures I plan to put my focus on creating animations whether they be big or small. As of September I decided to totally remove myself from taking on any freelance work so I could start my new artistic chapter in life. Now I do plan to document this adventure into creating animations and anyone who would like to come along with me is more than welcome. I know there are going to be some challenges, especially since this adventure is in my spare time, but I am very excited! I already feel that artistic creativity flowing back into me!

So until my next post "Make Everyone Of Your Days An Adventure!"

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