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  • Charles Armstrong

Soul Searching for My Why

So 2022 has so far brought forth a lot of realizations for myself personally and for Spare Time Studios LLC as a company. At the start of 2022 I had decided that I really really wanted to do more with Spare Time and started looking into the idea of how I could make it more into a business. This thought process led me down the path, that is all to familiar to me, which is offering my services. So even prior to 2022 I had already started focusing more on freelancing and offering my talents/services on Fiverr. To put it simply I have been trading my only free time to design for others and have had no time to work on the passion projects I had set out to do. Now to be fair doing this has allowed me to buy new equipment and pay for my software/platform subscriptions. Where I am currently at isn't a bad thing, if I was truly trying to create a service type business, but I have had to stop and ask myself "What is it that I really want to do?", "What makes me happy?", and "What drives me to create art?".

When April rolled around I decided to take Spare Time Studios LLC from a "When I can work on it Company" to a more "Part Time Venture". The problem I am noticing is that I still am unable to find the free time to work on my passions as my free time keeps getting filled with more and more freelance. Now though I do love a good design challenge which is offended offered through client work I really do want to focus more on personal projects.

So where does this leave me in my search? To say it simply I am backing off of taking on client work, for the time being, and will be putting most of my efforts into my real passions. I very excited about this new step in my Adventures to make Spare Time Studios into something more in the areas of a fun and creative entity!

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