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  • Charles Armstrong

Back At It In 2024!

With the holidays now over and a New Year started it is time to get back into the swing of things!

The past 3 months overall have been a very enjoyable break away. This time away has allowed me to mainly focus on my family but it is now time, once again, to put my nose to the grindstone. With a new year already started my goals have been reevaluated, ideas have been brainstormed, and decisions are being made. With my decision last year to remove the stress of direct freelance work has definitely improved my overall mental health. With that being said I have set some goals for myself and Spare Time for this year.

For the artistic goals for myself I decided on the following;

  1. Get better at Blender

  2. Better Myself at Character Design, Modeling, and Rigging in Blender

  3. Practice Story Telling

For my bigger Spare Time Goals;

  1. Fix my computer! :(

Sad to say that at the start of the year my computer screen decided to have some issues! With the hinge locking up and cracking the screen.

2. Produce several animated shorts.

I really want to start producing animated shorts by the mid part of this year!

3. Document my Adventure into this animation journey.

My goal is to try a do better at documenting this journey on different social media platforms. Be that facebook, YoutTube, Etc.

I wish everyone a happy start of 2024 and I hope you too have set some artist goals for yourself.

So until my next post "Make Everyone Of Your Days An Adventure!"

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