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  • Charles Armstrong

Goals! WebToons & Newgrounds... Maybe?

As we draw closer and closer to the 4th quarter of 2021 I look back at the goals I set for myself. Before the year is up I really want to have produced an animation and/or a web comic. With that in mind I have started looking into the different social platforms that I might want to release them on. Two that have come up are WebToons and Newgrounds. If you are not familiar with these I say go check them out. Webtoons as a possible place to display my first digital comics and Newgrounds for my animations. Now to answer the inevitable question of "Are you going to post your animations on YouTube?" the answer is YES! I will still be posting on YouTube and I am planning to try and do a lot more with my YouTube account.

Now as I have stated before this is currently a Spare Time creative outlet for me as well as a side Hustle. Once I am in a better position, income wise, I will be able leave my 2nd job and make Spare Time Studios LLC a more of a part time obligation! I defiantly look forward to the day I take that step on this creative adventure.

I also have set for myself a goal to start making young children's art content under a branch of Spare Time Studios LLC. I love watching my kids grow up and their interest in art and education. My heart tells me that I should venture down that creative path and see if I can inspire and educate the next generation. But we shall see! So many ideas and creative projects I would like to tackle and now it is just a matter of obtaining the funds and time!

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