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The First Weeks

So The Adventure has begun! This first 4 weeks was very exciting as I approached Blender with a totally different outlook. In the past I approached the program wanting it to be like 3Ds Max, a program I worked in a long time ago, but coming at it with the mind set to learn Blender as Blender made a world of difference.

Week 1:

Jumping Into Blender

For the first week I decided to jump back into Blender, a program that I have dabbled very little in, in an attempt to learn it for the purpose of creating animations. I went with basic modeling and the fun of using soft body physics in the program. I have worked with a 3D program known as 3Ds Max in the past but I will say that Blender is its own beast.

Week 2:

Model, Texture, Light, Animate, Render

The second week I wanted to hit all the basic marks. I came across this awesome YouTube Tutorial that for the most part covered most of the bases. The only one I kind of had to look else where was unwrapping and texturing.


Tutorial Link: Blender Game Animation Tutorial | Polygon Runway

Week 3:

Sculpting, Textures, and Lighting

So I decided for the third week that I really wanted to play a little bit with sculpting as well as lighting and the use of color in my lights. I had a lot of fun with both of these.

Week 4:

Cloth & Liquid Simulations

This was a week of simulations. Tried my hand at both the cloth and liquid simulators. Also took a shot at rendering in Cycles to get a glass effect. With my current hardware setup I will say that rendering in Cycles sucks!

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