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  • Charles Armstrong

Our New Site!

The new site is here!

So some insight into this change. For several months we had been chatting about moving our site over to a different host provider. At the start of 2021 we began having a lot of issues with our site on GoDaddy. One main issue was the site would not show up for several people because of their security cert setup. Another issue was accessing the blog page to make post. a lot of the times the page would not work or even load. Then there was their editing program. Now granted we could have just built the site using our own software etc. but we wanted something that would be easy to have someone come on staff eventually and manage updates for us. After trying out Wix we fell in love with the completely customizable and easy to use interface. So far we love this new setup and hope to be able to bring great new artistic creations to you, our fellow Spare Timers, in the years to come!

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