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Founder's Story

Charles Armstrong (Owner) ~

I created Spare Time Studios LLC back in 2013 as an experiment. When I created Spare Time Studios LLC I did it for two reasons. The first was because I wanted a breakaway from my everyday job. The second was I really wanted to create something more than just a single piece of art. With the help of a friend and fellow colleague, at the technical institute I was teaching at, Spare Time Studios LLC started out by creating a mobile game and one for the web. These games overall were flops but from those failures I was forced to stop, step back, and take a second to look at what I really wanted Spare Time Studios LLC to be about. 

In November of 2016 the decision was made for Spare Time Studios LLC to focus on the areas I am passionate about and that is entertaining, educating, and informing in the areas of art, design, and animation. Also with an effort to keep the motto in mind of “Every Day is an Adventure!”. Needless to say it was a very broad ambition with a somewhat lack of focus. The lack of focus again eventually led me to reevaluate Spare Time Studios LLC’s purpose once again.

In 2019 my family and I had a major life change in which we picked up and moved to a new state. This ment we left a lot behind to change the direction and focus of our lives. Then 2020 hits, with all of its fun adventures, in which I bought a house and shortly after the COVID-19 lockdown hit. With a pandemic lockdown in place one can not help but find time to evaluate different aspects of one's life. In my case it was the thought of redefining what I wanted Spare Time Studios LLC to be about. What a more defined path would look like and what would I ultimately enjoy doing. I found myself looking back at the initial ventures of really wanting to produce my own games and animated content. 

This path is definitely going to be one of trials and tribulations as finding a way to fund these ventures, and finding time to produce them, is not going to be easy. With product focus a little more defined and the details in the works I now have a clearer path ahead of me and for Spare Time Studios LLC. Just like before I look forward to what future adventures that lie in wait! 

Who/What is Spare Time Studios LLC?

Spare Time Studios LLC is a small up and coming independent, Kokomo Indiana based, Cartoon Art and Animation Production Studio.

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